Four Tips to Help Your Senior to Be Ready for National 12-hour Fresh Breath Day

Four Tips to Help Your Senior to Be Ready for National 12-hour Fresh Breath Day

Did you know that National 12-hour Fresh Breath Day occurs every December 12th? This is a day to help your senior to have the freshest breath possible and there are a few ways to accomplish that feat.

Double Check Dental Hygiene

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What do you know about your senior’s current dental hygiene habits? If you’re not sure what she’s up to as far as dental health goes, it’s time to get more acquainted. Talk to your senior about how often she’s brushing and about whether brushing is getting difficult. Ask also about any other issues she’s having, either with pain and discomfort or with trouble eating. Help her to establish a routine that works for her. Home care assistance can make this easier, too.

Get a Dentist Appointment Scheduled

When did your senior last go to the dentist? If neither of you are sure when that last happened, it’s definitely time for her to go. Dental phobia is a very real problem, so if that’s part of what’s holding her back from going, make sure to mention that to her dentist. There may be a lot that the entire dental team can do to help your senior to feel more comfortable during her visit.

Offer Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water helps to keep your senior healthier in general, but it can also help with fresher breath. Convincing your senior to drink more water might be the big challenge. Elder care providers can help with this by offering plenty of water during the day and reminding your senior to drink. Water helps to rinse bacteria and food particles from her teeth and mouth while also ensuring that her mouth is kept moist.

Look at Her Diet

Your senior’s diet affects literally every aspect of her health and well-being. It can also have a huge impact on her ability to keep her breath fresh. Eating plenty of leafy greens, vegetables, and fruits helps her body to have what it needs to fight off odorous bacteria. Home care assistance makes eating a healthier diet so much less stressful for your senior. Caregivers are able to make meal prep easier and help your senior to remember to eat foods that help her to stay healthy.

Small changes may be all your senior needs in order to enjoy fresher breath all the time. Remember to help her to stick with dental and medical follow-up visits to make sure that any changes in her physical and dental health get addressed right away.

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