How to Know When Your Senior is Falling for Scams

How to Know When Your Senior is Falling for Scams

One of the saddest facts about modern life is the proliferation of scams and scammers. While con artists target people of every age, one of their favorite tactics is taking advantage of the most vulnerable members of society, especially seniors.

If you or someone you love has a senior loved one, you need to know what to look out for when it comes to scams.

Why Is There So Much Scamming of Seniors?

There are many reasons why scammers target seniors, but it primarily boils down to one thing: money.

Seniors tend to be less tech-savvy and, in many cases, more trusting than younger people. They also tend to be easily manipulated and socially isolated. Scammers know this and prey on these weaknesses.

Of course, seniors can also be very savvy and sometimes more socially adept than younger people. But the fact is that scammers can be very convincing and well-rehearsed.

How Can I Tell If My Loved One is Falling For a Scam?

The best way to tell if your loved one is falling for a scam is to be aware of the warning signs. These warning signs include:

Companion Care at Home in Pearland, TX: Seniors and Scams

  • A phone call to your loved one from a strange phone number
  • A phone call from a scammer claiming to be a family member or a friend
  • Your loved one receiving a strange letter, check, or other mail from a company or organization
  • Your loved one being approached by a stranger in a parking lot, at a store, or other public place
  • Your loved one being contacted by a stranger on social media

If you notice any of these things, you should definitely take a closer look at what is going on.

What to Do If Your Loved One Is Falling for a Scam

First of all, you need to get your loved one away from the scammer. If the scammer is in person, the best way to do this is by distracting the scammer and walking your loved one away from them. This will allow you to get your loved one to a safe place and assess the situation.

If the scammer, as is more common, has contacted your loved one by phone or on the internet, you need to have a frank conversation with them about why the person is a scammer. It is best to be non-judgemental- do not criticize them for believing the scammer.

Once your loved one is safe and no longer engaging with the scammer, you need to take some time to assess the situation. If you believe that your loved one is in danger, call the police. If you don’t believe that your loved one is in danger, you can still call the police, but be sure to ask for their advice.

Finally, you may have to deal with the financial fallout of the scammer. See if you can get your senior’s bank to cancel any charges the scammer may have used. You may have to cancel a card, or even close an account. More serious cases will require involvement from the authorities, such as the FBI.


When a loved one falls into the schemes of a scammer, it is a trying experience for everyone involved. Take heart that this is a perfectly common and normal situation. The priority is to get your senior away from the scammer and minimize any damage that has been done.

If your senior is falling into a habit of believing scammers, it may mean that something else is going on. If they need more care and attention, companion care at home can help. Companion care at home will help your senior cook and clean and bathe. It can also help keep an eye out to make sure that your senior is not taken advantage of by scammer when you are not there to help them. Call us today and see if companion care is right for you and your family!

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